I teach students – in London or online – over a range of ages, including 7/8+, 11+, 13+/pre-GCSE, GCSE Language and Literature and SAT/ACT (US university entrance exams).

My Approach

Every child is unique – a fact that educators need to consider, but often can’t because of large class sizes and rigidly defined curriculum.  This is why private tuition can help children accomplish goals they can’t achieve in the classroom.

Some students struggle because they haven’t properly grasped fundamental ideas and concepts upon which more advanced studies are built. Others flounder for lack of challenge – they’ve mastered basics, and are bored by their repetition. Some find self-expression intimidating. Some find it exhilarating.

Regardless of the situation, private tuition begins where the classroom ends. My primary aim as a tutor is to understand the abilities and challenges of the children I work with, and to help them master the material they need to know to be successful in school.


The first session would typically be a 90 minute assessment, which allows me to understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and then prepare a plan for following sessions.

After the assessment, I will provide a report by email detailing my findings, and suggesting a course of action to address any issues found.

Topics that will be covered in lessons (depending on the child’s needs) include:
• Techniques for planning stories and descriptive pieces to ensure children showcase their full ability
• Using figurative, descriptive and emotive language to give life and depth to written work
• Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

• Test taking strategies, reading techniques and answer formats 
• Poetry analysis, focusing on structure, language and meaning
• Advanced longer written-answer techniques using Point Evidence Explanation/Analysis
• Analysis of figurative language techniques and purpose

Verbal and non-Verbal Reasoning:
Techniques, time management skills and practice