I have a very successful track record in equipping students to enter the best schools in the UK, including Westminster, St Paul’s (boys and girls), Eton, Wycombe Abbey and King’s College. Students and parents alike trust me to help the child develop and display their full potential.

My Approach

Every child is unique, so my primary aim as a tutor is to understand the abilities and challenges of the children I work with and to help them master the skills they need to be successful in school. Above and beyond that, I try to make the process enjoyable, in order to foster a love of learning, and of English.

My first step in tuition is learning about the child – their strengths, weaknesses and how they approach learning. By understanding the student’s situation, I can tailor the lessons in a way that builds confidence along with ability. As students become more confident in their strengths, they also find the determination to address their own weaknesses.

The second step is building a rock-solid foundation. With weaknesses addressed and strengths polished, I position students to tackle any kind of assignment they may face. While it is possible to only target a specific type of school exam, the experience with Covid over the past year has shown how treacherous that approach can be. When schools entirely change – or even drop – their usual exam format, the most important resource students need is adaptability. A strong foundation provides just that.

The final step is fine-tuning. With a student’s ability settled on a solid foundation, it then becomes time to start challenging them to push themselves even more. Regardless of the school exams they may sit, they need to be confident in their own resilience and capability. This last push positions them to address whatever they may face with confidence, but also with enthusiasm. Relishing these challenges puts them on track to succeed not just with present exams, but also with how they regard and approach challenges in the future. This is crucial because the goal is not just passing exams, but rather giving the student the ability to flourish in whatever environment they find themselves. For this reason, many of my students, even those who came to me struggling with English, find themselves excelling in their new schools – with their foundation solid and their confidence built up, they are able to take on anything they encounter.


The first session is typically an assessment, which allows me to understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses, and then prepare a plan for following sessions.

After the assessment, I will discuss my findings with the parents and suggest a course of action to address any issues found.

Topics that will be covered in lessons (depending on the child’s needs) include:

• Techniques for planning stories and descriptive pieces to ensure children showcase their full ability
• Using figurative, descriptive and emotive language to give life and depth to written work
• Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

• Test-taking strategies, reading techniques and answer formats 
• Poetry analysis, focusing on structure, language and meaning
• Advanced longer written-answer techniques using Point Evidence Explanation/Analysis
• Analysis of figurative language techniques and purpose

Verbal and non-Verbal Reasoning:
Techniques, time management skills and practice