About me

I’m a native English speaking tutor in the Westminster/Victoria area with a university degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.


I developed a love for reading at an early age, which eventually expanded to writing as well, and which led me to study English Literature and Creative Writing at university. 

Since I first started tutoring my own son in English many years ago, it has been a pleasure to watch this same love blossom in him, and it’s something I try to encourage in all of my students, both by making lessons enjoyable and by building their self-confidence. While English can sometimes seem a dry and boring subject, I believe it shouldn’t be, and that any child can learn to enjoy it given the right approach.  A large part of the enjoyment comes from children learning to stretch themselves beyond their existing boundaries, and learning to think in new and creative ways. 

For this reason, I approach lessons with patience and humour, but most of all with the intention to push children past what they think themselves capable of.  I find that children usually respond well to this approach, and often develop and improve rapidly as a result.

As a tutor, I have in-depth experience teaching children composition, comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and have helped a number of children get into schools such as Westminster, King’s College Wimbledon, St Paul’s and City of London.
In addition, I work with children already in these schools, and others – including top Grammar schools such as The Henrietta Barnett School and Queen Elizabeth – improve their overall English ability and performance.

I am a member of British Mensa/International Mensa, and DBS certified.

If you’d like to discuss your child’s situation, and how I can help them succeed in upcoming exams, or English school work in general,  please submit your information through the contact page.