Following are testimonials and comments I’ve received from both parents and students.

‘I just wanted to say how helpful Kirk has been in preparing our son for his next school tests. His tips on comprehension and essay writing most certainly made a difference. And it was so nice not to have to cajole our son into attending the tutorials with Kirk as we had to with the other tutors. Not only was Kirk instrumental in building our son’s confidence, but also helping us, the parents, to feel less stressed about the process, an achievement in its own right! Highly recommended.’

– Father in the Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: Eton College

‘Kirk is an inspirational teacher who makes all his pupils aspire to be the best they can be. He understands the balance between fun and studying, and his teaching methods mean that everything that needs to be taught is taught in a way that is enjoyable but still beneficial to your learning progress. He can answer any questions that you may seem to have, including how to do a P.E.E, tips on how to write in iambic pentameter, the word to describe what rain smells like all and kinds of other helpful information.’ 

– Student in the Lambeth area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls’ School

‘Kirk is a prodigious teacher. At the spring of year 5, I was only getting about 40% on my comprehensions. But Kirk taught me exam techniques, taught the lessons accurately and made me practice. His lessons are very fun and interesting as well. With great support and teaching by him, I was able to get into my first choice school! Even though my exams have finished I am looking forward to doing more lessons. I very strongly recommend him as your tutor.’

– Student in the Hampstead area
– Student’s final destination: Latymer Upper School

‘Kirk has been a blessing for us and we are so lucky to have met him before 11+. My daughter was very anxious about the exams and honestly, I was quite nervous myself and not sure how to go through this journey on my own. English is not my mother tongue and I didn’t know how to help my daughter live up to the level expected for this challenge. Kirk started working with my daughter in Year 5 and little by little built a special, friendly bond with her. Week after week, her results got better, and she started improving her techniques in comprehension and creative writing. She learnt new vocabulary and grew more and more confident. Kirk also helped her with reasoning and by the end of the preparation, she was really strong in English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
Her results at 11+ have been fantastic and she received 11 firm offers.
Of course, I am incredibly grateful to Kirk for helping my daughter get into one of London’s most prestigious schools, but I am especially thankful for passing his love of learning on to her.’

– Mother in the St James’s Park area
– Student’s final destination: Godolphin and Latymer

‘Thank you very much for your tremendous support.
When we first contacted Kirk about a year ago, my son’s English grades were disastrous. To be honest, there seemed to be no school where we could place him, but thanks to Kirk’s kind and courteous guidance, we were able to receive an offer from our first choice school.
My son loved Kirk’s lessons, which were fun and informative, and he was always looking forward to the lesson day. We were also very grateful for the flexibility Kirk showed with lesson formats and scheduling during the whole Coronavirus situation.
We are really thankful to you!’


– Mother in the Hampstead area
– Student’s final destination: Latymer Upper School

‘Kirk is an excellent tutor. He is extremely professional, positive and energetic. He made my son, for whom English was a second language, work really hard and set him a very high standard of performance from the beginning.  Also, unlike other tutors whom I, as a mother of three, came across during 11+ preparation, he is the only one who, almost as a parent, personally does care about your son’s/daughter’s performance and results in the exams. All these factors make Kirk absolutely unique as a tutor.’

– Mother in the Richmond area
– Student’s final destination: Hampton School with scholarship

‘My son started lessons with Kirk in the spring of Year 5. At that point, my son was in the bottom set in English class at school. He had group and one to one lesson with Kirk, and he studied at home with a lot of Kirk’s advice.  The result of the entrance exam was fantastic. My son was always looking forward to Kirk’s lesson. From my perspective as a parent, the lesson content was very focused and accurately taught the important techniques and strategies for succeeding on entrance exams. Kirk will definitely be able to raise the level of your children. I strongly recommend him.’

– Mother in SW18.
– Student’s final destination: Hampton School

‘Kirk is a fun English teacher with lots of patience. His lessons are interesting, he helped me improve my English skills and he also taught me very useful exam techniques.’

– Student in the Sloane Square area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls School

‘Kirk is a fun, joyful teacher. He gives great help when you are struggling with a subject, and makes the work more interesting. He also makes hilarious jokes. He is the best teacher I have had!’

– Student in SW18
– Student’s final destination: Hampton School

‘Kirk has provided excellent English tutoring to both of our children, giving them the best possible chance to achieve strong results in their exams. We had offers from seven outstanding private schools for both children thanks to Kirk’s contribution. Apart from his knowledge and expertise, Kirk is easy to relate to and children are very comfortable in his company. I know both our children enjoyed learning from Kirk.’

– Father in the Clapham area
– Students’ final destinations: Westminster Under School and Wycombe Abbey

‘Kirk is an excellent tutor. He can help you with your weaker points, and he can teach you how to refine your answers if they are a bit patchy. I really like going to his sessions, he makes everything seem more fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs improvement.’

– Student in the Canary Wharf area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls’ School

‘Kirk is an excellent tutor who taught my son all the way through Year 5 and to the 13+ exams in Year 6, and brought us great success in our results. Kirk is a patient and consistent tutor who understands the important topics and targets for the exams for each different school. He brought out my son’s potential in a fun and friendly lesson environment. Without his help, we couldn’t have gotten to this level and I sincerely thank him very much for his wonderful support all the time during these difficult exams.’

– Mother in the Chelsea area
– Student’s final destination: Eton College

‘My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about Kirk. He helped both our daughters through the 11+ ordeal, helping them secure places at schools of their choice; Alleyns and St Paul’s Girls School. He brought a mixture of humour and ease as well as professionalism to the lessons, meaning the girls never dreaded their lessons. He was very reliable and a genuinely nice guy to have around.’

– Father in the Westminster area
– Students’ final destinations: St Paul’s Girls’ School and Alleyn’s

‘Kirk really helped me with my 11+, he was funny, easy to talk to and lots of help.’

– Student in the Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls’ School

Kirk improved my son’s weakest subjects; English comprehension and writing skills, which was instrumental in him being offered a place at one of the most prestigious Grammar Schools in the UK.
To enable this Kirk patiently taught him both technique and composition with great passion and skill.
We would like to thank Kirk for the tremendous contribution he has made to our son’s development.

– Father in the Tower Bridge area
– Student’s final destination: St Olave’s

Thank you for teaching me many new techniques and facts for English such as a simile or hyperbole. At first, I wasn’t very good at descriptive writing but after you taught me, I zoomed up and became better. I also became better at describing a scene from an image.
I don’t know how I could ever say thank you because you were so helpful.

– Student in the Tower Bridge area

‘Kirk is very knowledgeable and calm. He has an amazing ability to adapt to his pupil’s abilities and needs. Our son, who loved working with Kirk, did amazingly well at his 11+ exams. Thanks to Kirk his progress in the last year has totally exceeded our expectations. We are eternally grateful for Kirk’s support and advice throughout the process.

– Mother in the Kensington area
– Student’s final destination: Emanuel School

‘Kirk has been helping my son with English for the last year. His comprehension, grammar and story writing have improved tremendously. We started seeing noticeable improvements after a few weeks. Kirk has been extremely patient and worked diligently to build up my son’s confidence. His exam tips were invaluable. Kirk’s support played a big part in my son passing his 11+ and getting into a highly selective school. I would strongly recommend Kirk to any parent who is considering tutoring for their child.’

– Mother in the Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: Alleyn’s

‘Kirk is a fun and experienced tutor. He can make the most boring lessons fun, and always has an extra comprehension at hand. Since Kirk is extremely dedicated, he knows what level is just right for you. He is thoughtful and truthful and makes learning seem fun.’

– Student in the Chelsea area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls’ School

‘Kirk is an exceedingly dedicated English tutor, who is not only just good at tutoring, but also has a deep knowledge of the entry exams. Kirk’s advice is valuable, especially regarding the most suitable future schools for your child.’

– Mother in the Chelsea area
– Student’s final destination: St Paul’s Girls’ School

‘My son enjoyed having lessons with Kirk. His teaching was absolutely amazing!
My son’s English was not his strongest  subject. However, soon after Kirk’s lesson. His English improved quickly. Kirk’s teaching and techniques were astonishing. Finally, my son has achieved  the best score I have ever seen.
Thank you for all of your hard work and supporting him.’

– Mother in North London
– Student’s final destination: Westminster Under School

‘English was not my favorite subject. With English being my second language, it was impossible to keep up on comprehension and creative writing until I had my first lesson with Kirk. My English has improved drastically and by three weeks I could use all the techniques for comprehension and creative writing. I have been doing well and been enjoying English.’

– Student in North London
– Student’s final destination: Westminster Under School

Our boys enjoyed their sessions with Kirk, despite being very resistant to the idea of a tutor. Kirk made the lessons fun and entertaining and encouraged the boys to think independently and to stretch themselves; he also provided guidance in a kind and constructive way when they needed it. 

– Mother in the Westminster area
– Students’ final destination: Sussex House

‘Kirk has been a blessing to our family.  He has been assisting both our children (year 7 and year 10) with tutoring in English.  Our son got a commendation from his headmaster for great work done in class, thanks to Kirk’s support.   Our daughter has obtained this year the highest marks in her academic career, also thanks to Kirk for his continuous support.  Kirk teaches in a friendly yet very effective manner.  He knows the subject matter profoundly and has the ability to instil independent thinking in our children, which is incredibly important for their development in the subject matter.’

– Father in Sloane Square

Kirk is the most professional and warm-hearted tutor you could have. He organises the lessons very efficiently and brings out the very best in every child. The magic is that the kids seem to enjoy the lessons enormously and look forward to seeing him every time!

– Mother in SW London
– Students’ final destination: Westminster Under School

‘Before I started English lessons with Kirk, English tended to be a subject I greatly feared, always getting low marks and constant negative feedback from the teacher. He encouraged me to have a better mindset when tackling difficult comprehensions and taught me new skills, such as time management and how to properly phrase my ideas for both creative writing and comprehension. He is very entertaining, yet very effective in the teaching method he uses, and ever since the start of the year I have been doing really well and now thoroughly enjoy the subject.’

– Student, year 6, Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: Westminster Under School

‘When my son first started working with Kirk, towards the middle of  year 7, he was in the bottom set in English at his school, and had been scoring below average on exams and papers for some time.  He began improving very quickly, and within a few short months achieved his highest marks ever on his end of year English exams, and was promoted to the top set in English. In addition, with Kirk’s support he was able to improve his overall English level enough to gain an offer at the City of London school, where he’d been waitlisted for the previous year.  Kirk not only taught my son the techniques required for comprehension and composition, he built his confidence so that he’s able to approach this kind of work on his own, with results far better than those he’d received in the past.’

– Mother in Sloane Square
– Student’s final destination: City of London School

Dear Kirk,
Thank you so much for being a great English teacher. Since you have taught me, I have improved drastically, and I hope I will improve even more in our future lessons.

– Student in the Chelsea area
– Student’s final destination: City of London School

With English as my second language, it was impossible to guide and help my son with English comprehension and composition since year 5 while his marks only kept dropping below class average for English. With Kirk’s support, my son developed confidence just within a few weeks, then has hit the average score at school exams first time in a few years!

– Mother in the Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: Westminster Under School

Very useful, and very fun!

– Student, year 7, Westminster area
– Student’s final destination: Winchester College