Following are testimonials and comments I’ve received from both parents and students.

‘Kirk has been a blessing to our family.  He has been assisting both our children (year 7 and year 10) with tutoring in English.  Our son got a commendation from his headmaster for great work done in class, thanks to Kirk’s support.   Our daughter has obtained this year the highest marks in her academic career, also thanks to Kirk for his continuous support.  Kirk teaches in a friendly yet very effective manner.  He knows the subject matter profoundly and has the ability to instil independent thinking in our children, which is incredibly important for their development in the subject matter.’

– Email from a parent in Sloan Square

Kirk is the most professional and warm-hearted tutor you could have. He organises the lessons very efficiently and brings out the very best in every child. The magic is that the kids seem to enjoy the lessons enormously and look forward to seeing him every time!

– Parent in SW London

‘Before I started English lessons with Kirk, English tended to be a subject I greatly feared, always getting low marks and constant negative feedback from the teacher. He encouraged me to have a better mindset when tackling difficult comprehensions and taught me new skills, such as time management and how to properly phrase my ideas for both creative writing and comprehension. He is very entertaining, yet very effective in the teaching method he uses, and ever since the start of the year I have been doing really well and now thoroughly enjoy the subject.’

– Student, year 6, Westminster area

‘When my son first started working with Kirk, towards the middle of  year 7, he was in the bottom set in English at his school, and had been scoring below average on exams and papers for some time.  He began improving very quickly, and within a few short months achieved his highest marks ever on his end of year English exams, and was promoted to the top set in English. In addition, with Kirk’s support he was able to improve his overall English level enough to gain an offer at the City of London school, where he’d been waitlisted for the previous year.  Kirk not only taught my son the techniques required for comprehension and composition, he built his confidence so that he’s able to approach this kind of work on his own, with results far better than those he’d received in the past.’

– Email from a parent in Sloan Square

Dear Kirk,
Thank you so much for being a great English teacher. Since you have taught me, I have improved drastically, and I hope I will improve even more in our future lessons.

– Letter from a 13-year-old student in the Chelsea area

With English as my second language, it was impossible to guide and help my son with English comprehension and composition since year 5 while his marks only kept dropping below class average for English. With Kirk’s support, my son developed confidence just within a few weeks, then has hit the average score at school exams first time in a few years!

– Email from a parent in the Westminster area

Very useful, and very fun!

– Student, year 7, Westminster area