Below are some resources I often recommend to students.

Help with Handwriting:

I highly recommend Magic Link for children who need help improving their handwriting.  This program has been invaluable to a number of my students.

Exam Practice Material:

Exam papers plus produces excellent quality material for exam practice.

11+ Exam Study Material

CGP has excellent resources for 11+ exams. It’s important to check whether the schools you are targeting use CEM or GL exams, but CGP has great resources for both.

Galore Park is another provider of material I’ve found to be very helpful for 11+ preparation, especially for Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Planet BOFA is a helpful resource to prepare children for the computerised ISEB exams for 11+/13+, and allows children to practice Verbal/non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and English at 3 different levels of difficulty.

Creative Writing

One of the key skills examiners look for at 11+ is descriptive ability. Children need to be able to use description (sensory description, figurative language, etc) to add depth and life to their writing, even when the writing assignment isn’t mainly a descriptive piece.  The Descriptosaurus is a very helpful tool to allow children to examine colourful, vivid descriptions in different settings and on different themes.  By practicing the types of descriptions found in the book, children can learn to add description to their own writing.

Poetry Comprehension and Analysis

Beginning poetry analysis starts from even 7+, and becomes increasingly important as children move to 11+ and Common Entrance.  There are a number of useful resources for exposing children to poetry, including Bond, CGP, Schofield&Sims to name a few.  I have developed much of my own material on the topic, and prefer to use this to walk children through the different stages and levels of analysis and response.